Our Process & Workflow.

As part of the 2KO Group, the Wedev team has worked with some of the top companies in Africa. Our Team is able to create visually impressive & fully functional high-end websites at an affordable cost without compromising quality.

What we do:

Our services fall under three main pillars:

Website Development

Our services cover all aspects of the development process, from basic programming to domain hosting and monthly maintenance. We are able to take an approved design and develop and programme the entire fully functional site based on our clients needs. We make this process easy by offering a selection of packages at a fixed cost to suit your budget, or if you are unsure of the projects scope we can offer a custom solution at an hourly rate.

Branding & Design

One of the ways we stand apart from the competition is in the fact that we also offer a full Design and Branding service. We employ senior designers with over 10 years of industry experience to help elevate your brand and insure you stand out amongst your competitors. Whether you require a new logo, a corporate identity, company collateral, digital marketing or print material, we have you covered.

Digital Marketing

Now that you have this amazing website we now need to make sure it is delivered as effectively as possible to your target market. There are numerous ways to ensure this by utilizing a variety of methods, from SEO optimization to AI (Information Architecture) and various online content marketing strategies.

Our clients

The 2KO Group offers a variety of services, including We-Dev’s incredible web development service. Collective, we’ve worked with a multitude of amazing clients over the past 22 years.

Websites that are Modern & Intuitive

Our websites are built in a way that is both intuitive and up to date with the latest modern trends. This ensures that not only are the pages easy to understand and navigate, but they look fantastic while doing it.

We Design for Mobile Platforms, too.

We also have experience in developing mobile apps. Our team is highly skilled in UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) development and is able to provide invaluable insight throughout the entire development process from the initial concept to the final product.

We Make Your Website Work Everywhere.

All of our websites are developed with maximum responsiveness in mind. What this means is that your website will be just as gorgeous and intuitive on a cell phone as it will on a laptop or desktop pc.

Our Process & Workflow.

The general process for creating your website works like this. We start with an in depth discussion with the client to understand why they want a website, it’s purpose and ultimately how it will function. We then take that information and spend some time doing our own research to gather information, gain a better understanding of the target market and the competition. We then move on to the planning phase where we build the sites wireframe and overall layout.

From there we move on to the design phase. Once the client is happy with the design we can begin writing and assembling the content. When all of this is approved we begin coding and development of the final website, this also involves testing and reviewing all elements until we are finally ready to go live. Depending on the type of website we build the client may require further monthly maintenance in the form of opinion monitoring and monthly content updates.

Project Research